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snake bite grips – thick bar/dumbbell grips muscle growth adapter

  • double the thickness of your bar to maximize your gains!

  • studies show that increasing the diameter of barbells and dumbbells leads to greater muscle activation—and that’s what snake bite grips do. but we’re not like all the other companies that just slap their name on the same old bland design that looks identical to all the other thick grips. no, not us—we refuse to be ordinary.


  • we took thick grips to a whole new level. our team spent almost a year developing our unmatchable snake bite grip design. after many stages of strategic testing, we’re able to offer you what we confidently believe are the best thick grips available today!


  • increased arm size and grit force: by increasing the diameter of the bar, snake bite grips activate the muscle fibers that have been neglected in previous workouts.


  • immediate results. snake bite grips are designed to intensify every workout, and you’ll notice the difference after the very first time you use them.


  • patent-pending snake scale design: our design is the most creative and innovative grip pattern available on the market today. snake bite grips offer comfort and prevent slipping and sliding, unlike other brands.  


  • tested durability. our silicone snake bite grips are in it for the long-haul. we know you don’t quit, so they won’t be quitting on you either.


  • easy to use. our grips feature a large slit, allowing them to be attached to any barbell or dumbbell with ease. but contrary to other brands, our design wraps all the way around, leaving a much smaller gap.


  • convenient: with your pair of grips, you’ll receive a black premium 100% polyester carrying bag imposed with the snake bite logo. no need to tear apart your gym duffle, as they’ll always be stored together.

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Mark E.
United States United States

Very good! Product worked very well!

Michael M.
United States United States
Top Notch

These will definitely change your normal routine and massively improve your grip strength! The "scale" pattern on the grips themselves really helps to reduce any slippage. Well worth every penny!

Isaac s.
Australia Australia
Durable and comfortable

Bought these two years back and they haven't worn down much despite me deadlifting 3x times a week. Nuff said cheers team.

You Don't Know How Hard This Can Make a Simple Exercise

I was looking for something to mix up my training and saw a YouTube video where some dude used these. I figured what could I possibly lose. Well... I've had these nasty little buggers for about three weeks now and... All I can say is that if you want to make a basic, standard, old movement difficult again, hook yourself up with a set of these bad boys. Seriously. Dumbbell curls become a whole new monster with these things wrapped around the handles. I assure you. Try them on the bench press and your going to find all kinds of little muscle fibers you didn't know you owned.

Conner c.
United States United States
Best durable product for GAINZZZZ

Great product helped a lot with the exercises I did at the gym and my strength went through the roof !